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Private School Placement

GPS is pleased to announce the establishment of the GPS Private School Placement Program.  The Private School Placement Program will offer personalized sports recruitment services, helping student-athletes at all stages in the educational cycle from within the US and abroad to achieve optimal secondary school placement.

Who is the GPS Private School Placement Program for?
The Private School Placement Program is for families considering attending Private or Boarding schools from the 6th grade onwards with specific interest in playing soccer at such an institution.  This could be any of the following:

  • 5th Graders looking at Junior Private Boarding Schools
  • 8th Graders looking at Private High Schools
  • Juniors and Seniors considering a PG Year

The program is open to all players from all GPS locations.

What will the Private School Placement Program provide?
Following an initial 15 minute consultancy, successful families interested to the program will receive a thorough athletic and academic evaluation following which they will be presented with working list of schools to target based on their credentials.  We will then support student athletes during the application process and provide advocacy where appropriate.

Great! What are the next Steps?
Students interested in the GPS Private School Placement Program should register their interest via this online form.